Boners & Bread
Les Sizzlerables

Thursday, January 3


UCB Franklin

5919 Franklin Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90028


×1 ticket = $5

(paid at the box office)

The true life story of a boy who was better at breaking his boner than he was at breaking bread and why he doesn't really feel like that's his fault. Cast: Lee Rubenstein

Les Miserables, the novel by Victor Hugo that became a French musical, then a British musical, then a Broadway musical, then a movie, then probably a graphic novel or something, then a movie-musical, is now a musical set in and about a Sizzler!

Finally, the half hour modern interpretation of an epic classic through the storytelling filter of a beloved American chain restaurant we all deserve.

Written by Richie Root, Zach Reino, and Lindsay Katai

Directed by Lindsay Katai

Piano Accompaniment - Max Haymer

Zach Reino
Richie Root
Lindsay Katai
Megan Heyn
Lauren Reeder
Jeff Newman
Casey Feigh
Mike Carlson
Lilan Bowden
Wilder Smith
Chris Teregis
Nadia Osman