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new trailer for Adult Swim comedy NTSF:SD:SUV:: starring Paul Scheer

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<p><i>Splitsider</i> July 14, 2011<br>
<b><u>NTSF: SD: SUV:: Looks Like a Dolphin-Punching Good Time</u></b><br>
by Adam Frucci</p>

<p>Here\'s a new trailer for <i>NTSF: SD: SUV::</i>, <a href=\"http://losangeles.ucbtheatre.com/performers/577\">Paul Scheer</a>\'s new <i>CSI</i> parody coming to Adult Swim next Thursday night at 12:15. It looks awesome and ridiculous. So many explosions, both of fire and body parts! Guns! The ripping out of hearts! Eyepatches! Paul\'s wig! And a pretty stellar cast tying it all together! I\'m on board.</p>

<p>(<a href=\"http://splitsider.com/2011/07/ntsf-sd-suv-looks-like-a-dolphin-punching-good-time\" target=\"new\">source</a>)</p>