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Donald Glover & Aubrey Plaza featured in Elle Magazine

Elle October 2010
A Few Good Men
by Nojan Aminosharei

We proudly present three more reasons to pay homage to the mid-'80s, with the next crop of bright young things.

Clark Duke, 25: The Straight Man

Dave Franco, 25: The Breakout

Donald Glover, 27: The Quadruple Threat
Comedian, former 30 Rock writer, star of NBC's Community, and serious rapper. (Well, not too serious: His album Culdesac features lyrics a la "crowd at my shows more mixed than Rashida Jones.")

Do you think you can keep all this up?

It's the same as asking, Do you think you'll live forever? No. But I'm going to try! Also, I'm working on a device that will make me live forever.

When did you realize you'd crossed over into adulthood?

The first time my dentist said, "You have to start flossing. Gum activity is related to heart activity." They never say that to kids.  That's legit adult shit.

Elle October 2010
25 Quarterbacks
photographed by Carter Smith

When Elle touched down 25 years ago, Wham's "Careless Whisper" topped the charts, Back to the Future ruled, The Cosby Show was number one -- and a new generation of smart, talented, game-changing artists, filmmakers, actresses, and activists were busy being born.  What will these 25-somethings do with the next 25 years?  We can't wait to see.

1. Anna Kendrick: actress, scene-stealer

2. Lauren Bush: activist, pedigreed designer

3. Gabourey Sidibe: actress, Hollywood cliche slayer

4. Lea Michele: actress, Gleek heroine

5. Aurel Schmidt: artist, NYC scenester

6. Susanna Lau (aka Susie Bubble): blogger, UK stylephile

7. Chloe Malle: journalist, high-profile offspring

8. Lindsey Vonn: skier, Olympic medalist

9. Megan Fox: actress, bombshell

10. Sarah Lane: ballerina, American Ballet Theatre soloist

11. Dianna Agron: actress, Gleek convert

12. Greta Gerwig: actress, mumblecore queen

13. Grace & Mamie Gummer: actresses, Meryl Streep's progeny

14. Amanda Blank: singer and rapper, indie phenom

15. Meghan McCain: blogger, GOP rabble-rouser

16. Melanie Fiona: singer, Motown reviver

17. Camilla Belle: actress, fashion muse

18. Isabel Lucas: actress, eco warrior

19. Aubrey Plaza: actress, (deadpan) funny girl

Credits: Seth Rogen heartbreaker in Judd Apatow's Funny People; bone-dry office intern April on NBC's Parks and Recreation

To do before she's 30: "I want to have as many babies as I can.  I'll just crank them out on hiatuses."

Age she feels: "Professionally, I feel like a little baby who doesn't know how to eat.  Socially, like a 60-year-old because I never go out."

20. Amanda Seyfried: actress, box-office sweetheart

21. Janelle Monae: singer, Diddy protege

22. Mila Kunis: actress, male obsession

23. Olivia Thirlby: actress, indie ingenue

24. Lauren Conrad: ex-reality TV star, novelist

25. Bar Refaeli: model, "the body" circa 2010