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Podcasts from Doug Benson, Howard Kremer, Kulap Vilaysack named amongst USA Today's "Best of 2013"

USA Today December 2, 2013
Best of 2013: Whit's favorite podcasts
by Whitney Matheson

Longtime Pop Candy readers know that past years have wrapped with a countdown of my top 100 people. This year I'm doing something different: On each day until our holiday break (Dec. 23), I'll post a list counting down my pop-culture favorites of 2013.

Today's theme is my favorite podcasts of the year. (As you know, I listen to a bunch!) My list goes to 11, and I'd love to hear your own picks via the comments or Twitter:

11. Welcome to Night Vale.

10. Q: The Podcast.

9. Low Times.

8. Hollywood Babble-On.

7. Studio 360.

6. KCRW's Guest DJ Project.

5. 99% Invisible.

4. Who Charted?. As I told them a couple weeks ago, Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack sound like they were made to host a podcast together. Their hilarious banter and (platonic) chemistry keep me coming back, although the chart-themed tunes, from hip-hop to mainstream country, are a big bonus.

3. How Was Your Week?.

2. Doug Loves Movies. I know I've been hyping DLM for several years now. But I'm still not tired of Doug Benson's banter with such guests as Sam "Little Wolverine" Levine and Paul F. Tompkins as Werner Herzog. Heck, even Leonard Maltin has been known to drop by for a round of Doug's now-famous "Leonard Maltin Game."

1. By the Way.

Honorable mentions: Dining With Doug and Karen, The Fogelnest Files, All Songs Considered, Road Stories, Radiolab