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Paper Magazine interviews Jake Fogelnest about running @PrinceTweets2U


Paper Magazine May 6, 2013
Just Kidding: We Get to Know the People Behind Our Favorite Parody Twitter Accounts
by Elizabeth Thompson

Prince tweets in his signature blend of numbers and abbreviations. Written by Comedian, writer and radio host Jake Fogelnest.

Sample tweet: "There is an electric passion u cannot define unless u take a journey with me 2 planet funksexy. The aircraft 2 get there is ur mind."

Why did you start @PrinceTweets2U?
Because the last thing in the world that Prince would ever do is tweet. I literally can't think of anyone who would care less about Twitter than Prince. And that's exactly why I felt Prince must tweet.

Have you gotten any feedback from Prince or his publicist about the account?
Absolutely none. I can't understand why the Twitter account hasn't been suspended yet. The only logical explanation is that someone in Prince's office has seen it and is looking the other way because it makes working in Prince's office a little easier. Can you imagine working in Prince's office?

Do any celebrities follow @PrinceTweets2U?
I just checked to see and it's the strangest collection of people. Here are a few I picked at random: Joe Jonas, Butch Walker, Diplo, Cameron Crowe, Frank Black. Also, I see Donald Glover follows Prince. I know Donald in real life and he doesn't even follow my real account. Hi Donald!

Do you have a favorite @PrinceTweets2U tweet?
I like one-word tweets like "atmosphere" or "purple." The idea of Prince just wanting to put one word out there for people to think about makes me laugh like an idiot.

What parody accounts are you a fan of?
Parody accounts that seize on current events are a bummer. They feel forced and like a dumb attention grab. When that Russian meteor hit a few months ago, I went ahead and did this. I couldn't believe the positive response that received.