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The Atlantic Wire suggests Jessica Chaffin, Jamie Denbo, Charlyne Yi join cast of SNL


The Atlantic Wire May 21, 2013
'SNL' Replacements So Crazy They Might Just Work
by Richard Lawson

Now that Fred Armisen and Bill Hader have left Saturday Night Live, with Seth Meyers and likely Jason Sudeikis soon following, the show is facing an uncertain future. Yesterday we looked at what Armisen and Hader are taking with them, so now let's look forward to think about how they can be replaced. Given the crowdedness but odd insularity of the comedy scenes here in New York and in Chicago and Los Angeles — and given that SNL often plucks people from relative obscurity — this is not the easiest task. Still, there are some people we're aware of who could fit right in for standing out. To be sure, they are odd choices, but that might be a good thing.

Cole Escola

Charlyne Yi
: Let's just make all these suggestions weird, huh? Yi is usually seen doing a particular brand of non-acting, seeming stoned or zonked or whatever, but I think she's got more range than that. An acolyte of the Judd Apatow crew, Yi might not seem like the best fit for a show that demands lots of characters and impressions and all that, but maybe it's so crazy it could work? I don't know, I just want to see her do her thing on a bigger stage. Maybe she could do Weekend Update?

Chris Kendall

Jamie Denbo and Jessica Chaffin: The duo behind the riotously funny Ronna & Beverly podcast, Denbo and Chaffin, who had a TV show in the UK, are likely too established at this point, but it would probably be worth at least making the offer, right? If Ronna and Beverly are any indication, Denbo and Chaffin are brilliant at character work, and I'd be curious to see how their improv-y style would gel with the sketch format. It certainly worked well for Amy Poehler and many, many others! If they can't be on the show, maybe they could at least host sometime?

Keegan-Michael Key

Maria Bamford