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Cambio features Nicole Byer of MTV's "Girl Code"

Cambio April 22, 2013
Nicole Byer From MTV's 'Girl Code' Gives Us the Girl Rules!
by Vivian Tang

Ladies, are you ready?

We have a new favorite person in town and her name is Nicole Byer! Nicole stars in MTV's new show Girl Code. And of course that's exactly what the show is about.

"Girl Code is the way a girl should live," Nicole told us. "Be nice to other girls!"

But guys, this show is for you too. "Guys should watch it because it's educational!" said Nicole. "Nobody teaches you about girls in school," she added. "So MTV is going to be teaching you."

Maybe it'll teach guys like Nicole's ex-dates a thing or two. "I've never been on a good date," Nicole told us. "One of the dates I went on the guy just insulted me the whole time. Then on the other, I just talked about drag queens and Mary Kate Olsen." Nicole also admits that probably wasn't a great idea.

"If he's leaning, that means he wants it," Nicole said about kissing rules. "If he's not, you shouldn't lean. And if you don't want to kiss someone, you don't have to! Say no!"

The show will be covering everything--from first dates to meeting the parents and even some rather interesting (and borderline inappropriate!) things that we'll let you hear from Nicole herself.

Don't forget to catch Girl Code on MTV starting April 23!