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UCBT performers on Complex's list of "Funny People Who Should Get Their Own TV Shows"


Complex February 12, 2013
25 Funny People Who Should Get Their Own TV Shows
by Brenden Gallagher

Television has changed drastically over the last several years. The Internet has allowed for networks to pluck content creators from relative obscurity and beam them into millions of homes. This isn't only true because more content is being made, but because networks also feel that they can now market niche programming more effectively.

In 2005, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia was ordered straight to series based on a pilot shot on mini-DV. You don't have proper pop culture credentials if you don't know that Girls came to be largely because of Lena Dunham's film festival success with Tiny Furniture. Now, content is being poached straight from the Internet for television.

Shonda Rhimes (creator of Grey's Anatomy and half the other shows on TV), has signed on to shepherd Issa Rae, who created The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, through the pilot process. Similarly, Amy Poehler has championed Broad City, the creation of New York comediennes Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer. Their pilot is in the works at Comedy Central.

This got us thinking: Who are the other young, funny creators that need a shot? Some of the names we came up with you see every week on TV. Some you've probably never heard of. All of them are doing something you're going to want to get in on now, so you can say you were there before the Emmy buzz.

Here are 25 Funny People Who Should Have Their Own TV Shows.

Jen Kwok

Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting: Leah Rudick and Katie Hartman

Steve Waltien

Gavin Speiller
Twitter Handle: @gavinspeiller

As soon as you've finished reading this piece, you need to watch the entirety of Gavin Speiller's web series Bad First Dates with Gavin. It'll take you under 15 minutes.

Speiller is a phenomenal improviser, having honed his skills with various New York City sketch and improv groups, including Death by Roo Roo and Rogue Elephant. If you don't have the time to watch his series, at least follow him on Twitter and enjoy snippets of his endearing and absurd comedic sensibility.

Dyna Moe

Mike Still
Twitter Handle: @mikestill

You may not know Mike Still's name, but you've probably seen him. Still has appeared in numerous commercials recently, including spots for Hyundai Sonata, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Ikea. He's also made the rounds on the The Kroll Show and Kenny Mayne's Mayne Street segment on ESPN.

A veteran of the UCB (Upright Citizens Brigade) stage on both coasts, Still's done everything from one-man shows to musical improv. Check out his new web series collaboration with fellow UCB veteran Jen Bartels, Exes (NSFW), a series that explores the awkward situation of breaking up but not being able to stay apart.

Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair

Chris Colfer

Mike Burns

Ben Warheit


Ted Tremper

Tim Baltz

Harris Wittels
Twitter Handle: @twittels; @Humblebrag

The man behind the @Humblebrag account is up to a lot more than just tweeting. Wittels is a supervising producer on Parks and Recreation and has signed an overall deal with Universal TV to develop new projects as he continues to contribute to the writers' room on Parks.

Check out some of your favorite Parks and Rec stars ignoring Harris in the promo for his Humblebrag book. This is likely the last time anyone is caught on video ignoring Harris Wittels.

Nelsan Ellis

Megan Amram

Jayson Musson (Hennessy Youngman)

Alex Karpovsky

Bobby Moynihan
Twitter Handle: @bibbymoynihan

Bobby Moynihan made a splash with his impersonations of Snooki and Guy Fieri on SNL, but his naturalistic work in shows like Girls and Portlandia is even more impressive. Many Internet comedy fans saw Moynihan for the first time in the viral "Bro Rape" sketch back in the day. It won't be long before Moynihan joins the other SNL alums who have gone on to launch their own shows.

Elaine Carroll
Twitter Handle: @elainasaurus

For the last several years Elaine Carroll's web series, Very Mary-Kate has been a staple of College Humor's site. The series follows the entitled exploits of one-half of the Olsen twins. Carroll lampoons Mary-Kate Olsen, making the lives of her put-upon Bodyguard (Luke Sholl) and annoyed Professor (NYC sketch and improv veteran Will Hines) extremely difficult. Season three is underway over at College Humor right now.

She's been carrying that series for long enough that she deserves a shot at the big leagues. Check out the season three premiere and an interview with Carroll over at Splitsider.

Chelsea Peretti
Twitter Handle: @ChelseaVPeretti

Chelsea Peretti can do no wrong. Not too long ago, we shouted out her Twitter feed, which is one of the best in the game. Her stand-up is phenomenal. Now that she has writing credits on Parks and Recreation and Kroll Show, we have to ask, how long until she gets her own show?

Hannibal Buress

Aziz Ansari
Twitter Handle: @azizansari

You might find it strange to see Aziz Ansari included here, as he already has some heavy media exposure. Despite his stand-up fame and his work on Human Giant and Parks and Recreation, Ansari has not yet had the opportunity to head up his own TV project. We aren't sure why, either, as he's wildly popular and has plenty of writing experience. Let's make this happen, please.

Kristen Schaal

Donald Glover
Twitter Handle: @DonaldGlover

Whether we're talking about his performance on Community, his writing on , or his rapping as Childish Gambino, you have seen Donald Glover's stuff, and you know it's of quality. Ever since Glover burst on the comedy scene as a part of Derrick Comedy (whom you may know from the film Mystery Team), he's been a creative dynamo. Much of his energy has been put into his musical endeavors as of late, but if Glover decided to take a break from that grind to launch his own show, count us as happy motherfuckers. Until then we'll keep listening to his music and wishing Dan Harmon had never left while not watching Community.