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Complex names UCBT performers on list of "25 TV Writers to Follow on Twitter"


Complex February 6, 2013
25 TV Writers to Follow on Twitter
by Brenden Gallagher

Fifteen years ago, you couldn't name a single television writer. If they sold a feature or had some stand-up chops, you might have learned their name and found out that they made their bread writing for Home Improvement, but the TV writer as a household name is a new phenomenon.

Most of you follow @lenadunham and @DonaldGlover already, but there are plenty TV writers honing their chops on Twitter who you're probably missing out on. We combed for the most thoughtful, helpful, and hilarious scribes out, so that your digital life can provide more than just latte pics.

These are 25 TV Writers to Follow on Twitter.

Andy Bobrow

Kay Cannon
Twitter Handle: @KayKayCannon
Followers: 31,504
Show(s) Worked On: 30 Rock, New Girl

The success of Pitch Perfect has increased Kay Cannon's profile in recent months, but those who've been following her on Twitter already knew she was great. Cannon watches more TV than you do, as she's able to comment on, and sometimes live tweet, every show on the air. From Chicago Fire to Downton Abbey, Cannon has a witty remark ready. Next time you like a show and none of your friends do, head over to Cannon's feed and you won't feel so lonely.

Zhubin Parang
Twitter Handle: @zhubinparang
Followers: 1,282
Show(s) Worked On: The Daily Show

A relative newcomer to The Daily Show, Zhubin Parang spent the years prior to getting comedy's most wanted writing gig honing his skills at New York's UCB Theatre and elsewhere in the city's indie comedy scene. On Twitter, he shows hilarious passion for his two loves in life: politics and SEC football. When not tweeting about his beloved Tennessee Volunteers or the Middle East (Zhubin is of Iranian descent), he shares self-deprecating musings about his love of pumpkin-flavored things and hatred for cold weather.

Karey Dornetto

Aisha Muharrar

Josh Patten
Twitter Handle: @thejoshpatten
Followers: 7,462
Show(s) Worked On: Saturday Night Live

Reader, please give it up to Josh Patten for his persistence. Patten was recently hired on SNL, and word on the street is that he credits Twitter with his big break. After resolving to step up his game, he started tweeting six to ten jokes a day, most gems. Next time your mom threatens to kill you for using your phone, just tell her the story of Josh Patten.

John Mulaney
Twitter Handle: @mulaney
Followers: 132,039
Show(s) Worked On: Saturday Night Live, Important Things with Demetri Martin

John Mulaney finds a quirky, intelligent way to joke about current events and trending topics that must be an asset in the Saturday Night Live writers room. His policy? Nothing is too serious.

Shawn Ryan

Molly McNearney

Dan Guterman

Jen Statsky

Emily Spivey

Damon Lindelof

Paula Pell

Mike Scully

Megan Ganz

Ken Levine

Danny Zuker

Joe Mande
Twitter Handle: @JoeMande
Followers: 59,668
Show(s) Worked On: Delocated, The Kroll Show

His jokes are hilarious in their own right, but Joe Mande is at the top of his game when he holding a light up to the stupidity of celebrities and corporations on Twitter. Count on Mande to mock inspirational quotes posted by Paris Hilton, replacing the word "God" with "Dick" in Joel Osteen's tweets, or retweeting multi-national corporations wishing you a Happy MLK Jr. Day. The man takes endless joy in exposing the vapid and ridiculous on Twitter. It's important work.

Megan Amram

Chelsea Peretti
Twitter Handle: @ChelseaVPeretti
Followers: 191,878
Show(s) Worked On: Parks and Recreation, The Kroll Show

In addition to writing, you might know Chelsea Peretti from her stand-up and recent gigs on Louie and The Kroll Show. With almost 200,000 followers, Peretti is one of the most well-known and most laughed at comedians on Twitter today. It's only a matter of time 'til she's a household name.

Kurt Sutter

Harris Wittels
Twitter Handle: @twittels and @humblebrag
Followers: 52,434; 263,333
Show(s) Worked On: Parks and Recreation

If Harris Wittels's name doesn't ring a bell, then his amazing Twitter alter-ego, @humblebrag surely does. Wittels defined the Humblebrag as "a specific type of bragging that masks the brag in a faux-humble guise" in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal. If you don't quite get it, then his RTs from that account will drive the point home. His personal account is pretty great too, and as @humblebrag has been inactive since the end of October, we may have to live with just one Wittels-run account until he graces us with his Twitter genius once more.

Lizz Winstead

Jane Espenson