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"How Did This Get Made?" podcast wins LA Weekly web award


LA Weekly September 19, 2012
LA Weekly Web Awards 2012: The Winners!
by LA Weekly

So the center of the tech universe is still in Northern California. Big deal. Facebook's in freefall; the iPhone 5 is a snooze. Yes, innovation continues to matter, but these days, it's less about the platform and more about the content.

On that front, L.A. is king. The top YouTube stars live here. The funniest comedians record their podcasts here. And have you checked out just how many L.A. musicians and writers are killing it on Twitter?

Our third annual Web Awards celebrate the projects and people who bring joy to our screens — whether those are bulky old desktops or sleek new phones.

We thank the judges who volunteered their time to help us choose them: Tony Pierce, Adam Lisagor, Willy Blackmore, Jo Stougaard, Kevin Bronson, Mitchell Frank, Shira Lazar, Ze Frank and Nancy Miller, we tip our hats to you. And to the winners, we salute you. Thanks for making the online world such a fun, interesting place.

Readers Choice: Best Podcast
How Did This Get Made?

Reader favorite How Did This Get Made? features hosts Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas gleefully vivisecting Hollywood's lowlights with a cavalcade of guests. Their targets range from such recent big-budget dross as Spider-Man 3 ("Peter Parker and Mary Jane have the chemistry of two sacks of wet dogshit") to such dusty drivel as 1988's E.T. rip-off Mac & Me ("The aliens look like if Dizzy Gillespie got caught in a fire"). The crew's obvious joy in plumbing the depths of each flick's awfulness makes this one of the most consistently entertaining listens around.