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Aziz Ansari, Dorff & Gausas, Demetri Martin, Charlie Todd amongst "Ten Funniest New Yorkers You've Never Heard Of"

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<p><i>New York Magazine</i> September 26, 2005<br>
<u>The Ten Funniest New Yorkers You've Never Heard Of</u><br>by New York Magazine staff</p>

<p>The next Seinfeld, the next Sedaris (David and Amy), and the man behind the year’s most rocking TV ad.</p>

<p><b>Aziz Ansari</b></p>
<p>You May Have Actually Heard of Him If: You frequent the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre—the CBGB of alternative comedy—where Ansari hosts the weekly stand-up show “Crash Test.”</p>
<p>The Setup: <a href="http://losangeles.ucbtheatre.com/talent/view/2067">Aziz Ansari</a>, only 22, won this year’s Best Male Stand-Up at the Emerging Comics of New York awards.</p>
<p>The Punch Line: “Texas senator John Cornyn’s argument against gay marriage is, ‘If your neighbor marries a box turtle, it doesn’t affect your everyday life. But that doesn’t make it right.’ I myself was not a psychology major, but I think it’s safe to assume that at one point or another, Senator Cornyn has thought about making love to a box turtle.”</p>

<p><b>Vernon Chatman and John Lee</b></p>

<p><b>Dorff and Gausas</b></p>

<p>You May Have Actually Heard of Them If: You watch a lot of Late Night With Conan O’Brien. Kevin Dorff plays the recurring Coked-Up Werewolf, and <a href="http://newyork.ucbtheatre.com/talent/view/3475">Christina Gausas</a> has appeared in many roles, from a mom to a porn star.</p>
<p>The Setup: An improv duo, Dorff and Gausas are known for brainy, off-the-cuff interplay that recalls the heyday of Nichols and May.</p>
<p>The Punch Line:</b> Dorff: “It’s my brother’s funeral. He was a suicide bomber.” Gausas: “So then he totally saw it coming.”</p>

<p><B>David Javerbaum</b></p>

<p><b>Sam Lipsyte</b></p>

<p><b>Demetri Martin</b></p>

<p>You May Have Actually Heard of Him If: You are one of the swooning Demetri-ites who flock to his appearances at UCB or the “Eating It” show at the Zipper Theatre.</p>
<p>The Setup: Martin melds Wes Anderson hipster innocence with the deadpan brains of Steven Wright, crafting smart, incisive one-liners. Plus, he writes palindromes, including a 222-word opus titled “Dammit I’m Mad.”</p>
<p>The Punch Line:</b> “I’ve noticed that at most theme parks, the theme is ‘Wait in line, fatty.’"</p>

<p><b>Russ Meneve</b></p>

<p><b>Noam Murro</b></p>

<p><b>Charlie Todd</b></p>

<p>You May Have Actually Heard of Him If: You happened to catch the two guys with a megaphone in a dinghy giving a “Circle Line” tour of the fountain in Union Square.</p>
<p>The Setup: <a href="http://newyork.ucbtheatre.com/talent/view/188">Charlie Todd</a> is the founder of Improv Everywhere, practitioners of guerrilla improv. Basically, they loose controlled comic chaos on the city, including such stunts as placing an attendant in a McDonald’s bathroom or staging a “Meet Anton Chekhov” reading at the Union Square Barnes & Noble. It’s like Candid Camera, without the camera—though the stunts are chronicled on their site, improveverywhere.com.</p>
<p>The Punch Line: Two guys with a megaphone in a dinghy giving a “Circle Line” tour of the fountain in Union Square.</p>

<p><b>Kristen Schaal</b></p>