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Ronna and Beverly reviewed by Examiner

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<p><i>Examiner</i> October 1, 2011<br>
<u>Comedians Ronna and Beverly Interview Celebrities Ellen Page and Alan Tudyk</u><br>
words and photo by Liz Kelly</p>

<p>In a sold out show at the Upright Citizens Brigade in LA last night, comedians <a href="http://losangeles.ucbtheatre.com/shows/view/942">Ronna and Beverly</a> interviewed Ellen Page (<i>Inception</i>, <i>Juno</i>) and Alan Tudyk (<i>Suburgatory</i>, <i>Batman</i>) with their quick wit style that leaves audiences laughing both offline and online in their podcasts. Ronna and Beverly are America's favorite fifty-something Jewish mothers comedy duo (played by thirty-somethings <a href="http://losangeles.ucbtheatre.com/talent/view/5156">Jessica Chaffin</a> aka Beverly (<i>90210</i> actress/writer) and <a href="http://losangeles.ucbtheatre.com/talent/view/5203">Jamie Denbo</a> aka Ronna (<i>Weeds</i>, <i>Yes Man</i>.) Ronna and Beverly are really best friends and Hollywood insiders who've interviewed a long list of celebrities, including <a href="http://losangeles.ucbtheatre.com/talent/view/2186">Amy Poehler</a> (<i>SNL</i>, <i>Parks and Recreation</i>), <a href="http://losangeles.ucbtheatre.com/talent/view/465">Ed Helms</a> (<i>The Office</I>, <i>The Hangover</i>), Matthew Perry (<i>Friends</i>), Maya Rudolph (<i>Saturday Night Live</i>), Russell Brand (<i>Forgetting Sarah Marshall</i>) and many more.</p>

<p>Beverly opened the show by sharing, "We're like family, but we're not family. You know what I mean," and Ronna replied, "Our kids are the same, you know what I mean, they're best friends. Crazy about each other." Before introducing their celebrity guests, Ronna and Beverly shared their personal story about Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year celebrated this week.) Ronna confessed, “We had a wonderful Rosh Hashanah, well, truth be told, we had half of a wonderful Rosh Hashanah.” And then Beverly added, "It was almost a perfect Rosh Hashanah," followed by some back and forth about the caviar and food poisoning that had the audience in tears.</p>

<p>When interviewing Ellen Page and Alan Tudyk, this comedy duo really looked like two Jewish mothers who want to know everything about your life, and then give unsolicited advice (sounds like most moms?) Ronna and Beverly immediately asked Ellen Page if there was going to be another <i>Juno</i>, here's how it went:</p>

<p>Ronna, "You could have another baby."</p>

<p>Ellen, "I feel like she would have learned her lesson."</p>

<p>Beverly, "She would have known like not to do it again?"</p>

<p>When asked about her latest projects, Ellen shared that she just returned from spending three weeks in Rome (nice!) working on Woody Allen's new movie, <i>The Bop Decameron</i> (2012.) When Ronna and Beverly pushed for details, Ellen was very tip-lipped about the film. The only clue given was that they filmed in a park? Beverly asked, "Was it near a park with a big stadium around it" And then Ronna took a wild guess about the story line, "It's about a couple that's having problems." LOL.</p>

<p>Everyone laughed hysterically when they asked Ellen to explain the movie Inception. Ronna asked, "What do you think happened?" Ellen replied, "I think you should get Chris Nolan to do the show. He wrote it and directed it." More LOL. There were also a few laughs about Ellen being from Halifax, where they have "an international airport that flies to the US." During the interview, Ellen just smiled the whole time as she turned her head from side to side to answer Ronna and Beverly.</p>

<p>Switching guests, Alan Tudyk was introduced as the actor who's been in everything. He's the guy who you might not have noticed on the set, but take a closer look the next time you watch <i>Conception</i>, <i>Suburgatory</i>, <i>Batman: The Brave and the Bold</i>, <i>Transformers: Dark of the Moon</i>, <i>Young Justice</i>, <i>Family Guy</i>, <i>3:10 to Yuma</i>, <i>Knocked Up</i>, <i>Death at a Funeral</i>, <i>CSI</i>, <i>Ice Age 1</I> and <i>2</i>, <i>Serenity</i> and more. When Alan worked with Christian Bale, he shared his confusion about the actor speaking English on the set, and having a British accent at the awards. While Alan stressed that Christian is a great guy, he admitted, "I didn't know whom I was speaking too."</p>

<p>We also found out that Alan was a skateboarder who grew up in Venice Beach, CA. When asked about his dating life, Alan confessed that he's dated many women, but never lived with anyone, and meets a lot of women "who are too young" for him. When pushed for details, here's how the conversation went:</p>

<p>Ronna, "What are you looking for?"</p>

<p>Alan, "I dated one red head, and we took one vacation, and it didn't last long after the vacation."</p>

<p>Ronna, "Two red heads have the opposite effect. If you get 2 people who are fairly attractive, two 5s, you get a 10. You get two 10 red heads together, it's an automatic 5, who wants to see that, it's like an automatic blizzard."</p>

<p>After laughing out loud for an hour, Ronna and Beverly wrapped up the show with more Happy New Year wishes and a reminder to check out their Ronna and Beverly podcasts online, and sign up on their website for alerts so you'll know the next time you can see them live in LA, New York, London, or who knows where they'll turn up.</p>

<p>(<a href="http://www.examiner.com/digital-entertainment-in-national/comedians-ronna-and-beverly-interview-ellen-page-and-alan-tudyk" target="new">source</a>)</p>