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Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre has affordable, comedy shows seven nights a week in NYC and LA. Watch the best improv, sketch and standup in the country. Our original comedy video productions have garnered the national spotlight. We also run the first nationally accredited improv and sketch comedy school in the country. For information on our courses, visit the Training Center.

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  • Metromix deems Molly Prather: That Girl "effing hilarious" and "sharply written"

    Metromix September 17, 2007<b>Who's "That Girl"?</b>She's a drunk slut. Or wait, that's you. A one-woman showby Alie Ward"Look around any bar on a Saturday night. There's the drunk girl who can't find her cell phone, her keys or her wallet. The drunk girl that flirts with boys to buy her drinks—then ignores them. The drunk girl stumbling out of a bathroom stall high as a kite." According to the flyer for her one-woman show, Molly Prather is That Girl. Or she was. Maybe she is. Maybe you are. In a... Read More

  • "brilliant" MySpace improv show featured in Metromix

    Metromix Los Angeles July 31, 2007
    <b>My MySpace Profile Can Beat Up Your MySpace Profile</b>
    An improv comedy show that peeps your page
    By Amir Kenan, Special to Metromix
    Face it: Your MySpace profile sucks.

    Your comments section is nearly empty. MySpace Tom is still in your Top Eight. And James Blunt's "You're Beautiful" is your default song.

    Enter The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre -- L.A.'s bestest comedy venue -- and their weekly, improvised comedy show MySpace,which turns even... Read More

  • America's Best Comic recommended by the Onion A.V. Club

    The Onion July 19-25, 2007

    <b>A.V. Los Angeles Agenda</b>

    by Liam Gowing, Los Angeles City Editor

    Fans of stand-up can look forward to a real treat on Saturday -- America's Best Comic at Upright Citizens Brigade.Billed as "a show for those who love to hate Tourgasm and Last Comic Standing," America's Best Comic is a comedy competition with a chip on its shoulder against comedy competitions: The good folks at Upright Citizens Brigade know such laugh-o-meter events and title fights are... Read More

  • Worst Laid Plans: True Stories of Terrible Sex featured in Backstage West & Metromix

    Backstage West July 19-25, 2007<b>Chicks With Bits</b>by Nicole KristalWorst Laid Plans: True Stories of Terrible Sex, on July 20, promises to spur uncomfortable laughs.  The 30-minute show features segments such as "The Clump," about an oddly shaped penis; "Farting Rapist"; and co-creator Laura Kindred's piece "How I Slept My Way to the Lower Middle."  Kindred developed the idea for the show with Alexandra Lydon during a girl-talk session about bad sex.  They gathered their friends who were also... Read More

  • CHARLYNE YI profiled in LA TIMES "Opportunity knocks for the 21-year-old comic."

    Los Angeles Times May 31, 2007<b>Charlyne Yi is Sitting Pretty</b>Opportunity knocks for the 21-year-old comic.by Nicole LaPorte, special to The TimesAs an up-and-coming comic in Los Angeles, Charlyne Yi has fulfilled almost every dues-paying requirement on the road to fame. There was the sleazy manager who turned out to be a scam artist. There were the months she spent living (yes, living) in a car that went into convulsions any time the speedometer went past 60. There was the job at Wal-Mart's... Read More

  • MySpace improv show "Your Space for Laughs"

    The Daily Breeze March 30 - April 5, 2007<b>Your Space for Laughs</b>Comedians at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Hollywood use audience members' MySpace pages as fodder for improv sketches.story and photos by Melissa HeckscherOn his MySpace page, 24-year-old Daniel Weiss describes himself as more than 7 feet tall with a more than $250,000 annual income.&nbsp; He says he's a high school graduate with a major in "astroaltherial mod studies" and a minor in coal, and his online alias ia "Waniel... Read More

  • UCB SEASON 2 DVD COMMENTARY<br>with Matt, Matt, Ian & Amy Saturday, 3/31 at 8pm

    Join <b>Matt Besser</b>, <b>Amy Poehler</b>, <b>Ian Roberts</b> and <b>Matt Walsh</b> as they record the commentary tracks for two episodes ("Spaghetti Jesus" and "Supercool") of the forthcoming Season 2 DVD of Comedy Central's Upright Citizens Brigade.Stick around for a Q&A and share Supercool stories.<b>UCB Season 2 Live Commentary</b>Saturday, March 31 at 8pm ($8)
    purchase tickets now <b>Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre</b>5919 Franklin Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90028www.ucbtheatre.com
    323.908.8702all ages
    valet parking... Read More

  • "smart and satirical" Crystal and Push-Ups featured in IN Magazine

    In Magazine March 6-19, 2007

    <b>Starring: Frank & Bryan</b>

    Frank Hundley and Bryan Safi are Los Angeles-based actor-comedians who star in Crystal and Push-Ups, a sketch comedy show, under the direction of the Groundlings' Drew Droege.  The 30-minute show will be performed at 8pm on Wednesdays, March 14 and 28, at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, 5919 Franklin Ave., Hollywood.  For reservations, call (323) 908-8702 or visit www.ucbtheatre.com.

    For more information on the show,... Read More


    Variety February 20, 2007

    Shout Factory, Upright do 'ASSSSCAT'

    Duo partner for HDTV special, DVD

    by Diane Garrett

    Shout Factory is partnering with Upright Citizens Brigade for a HDTV special and DVD based on the improv troupe's long-running "ASSSSCAT" show.

    The unscripted show, taping March 3-4 in Los Angeles, will star co-founders Amy Poehler, who went on to become a "Saturday Night Live" regular; Matt Walsh; Ian Roberts; and Matt Besser. Horatio Sanz and Will Arnett will... Read More

  • MySpace improv show profiled on GOOD MORNING AMERICA

    Does your profile rule or suck?

    <b>MySpace improv featured on Good Morning America</b>UCBTLA's weekly improv show, MySpace, was recently profiled on Good Morning America.  Check out the clip online now.

    MySpace is an interactive improv form where we examine the MySpace profiles of 3 different audience members and create long form scenes based on the information explored with them.

    Bring your screenname and see if you measure up!

    Featuring: <b>Owen Burke</b>, <b>Chad Carter</b>, <b>Rob Huebel</b> and...</b> Read More

  • KEVIN McDONALD of KIDS IN THE HALL "Hammy and the Kids" Two Nights Only!

    <b>TWO NIGHTS ONLY</b><b>Kevin McDonald</b>, who in his own words is the least popular and funny Kid in the Hall, is doing a one man show. The show is a humorous account of his twenties, coping with his alcoholic father (because alcoholic fathers are hilarious) as well as his other dysfunctional family - The Kids in the Hall.For those of you concerned about Kevin being the least funniest Kid in the Hall - do not fret. Because even that's pretty funny. Also he'll be sharing many funny things that the... Read More

  • love to hate Last Comic Standing and Tourgasm? AMERICA'S BEST COMIC

    Love to hate Last Comic Standing and Tourgasm? Then you’ll like UCB Theatre's parody, "America’s Best Comic" featuring <b>Matt Besser</b> (Upright Citizens Brigade) and <b>Andrew Daly</b> (Showbiz Show with David Spade). Watch Besser and Daly perform a few comedian characters and screen videos of these characters stirring up shit in the real world.Also featuring <b>Tom Sharpe</b> as blue collar comic Possum<b>America’s Best Comic</b> Monday, February 5 at 8pm ($5) &amp; Saturday, February 17 at 10pm ($8)reserve... Read More

  • ASSSSCAT featured in LA Times: "unbelievably funny"

    Los Angeles Times Thursday, September 7, 2006<b>Their Humor Comes At Nobody's Expense</b>Upright Citizens Brigade provides more improv than you pay for.by Tatiana Simonian, Special to The TimesFACE it, any comedy show labeled as "free" might be cause for skepticism -- as if comedy shows in general don't make you squeamish. You fear being trapped in that abyss of awkward silence when a joke bombs, and suddenly you're hoping for a quick exit before empathy kicks in.However on a recent Sunday evening,... Read More

  • MYSPACE...THE COMEDY SHOW<br>"We're not laughing AT your profile,<br>we're laughing WITH your profile."

    Synthesis Magazine Sept/Oct 2006<b>MySpace... The Comedy Show</b>We're Not Laughing At Your Profile, We're Laughing With Your Profileby Tatiana SimonianMySpace has launched musicians, relationships, Internet "celebrities" and now, a fantastic comedy show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles.  Comedians Rob Huebel (The "Inconsiderate Cell Phone Man") and Paul Scheer (VH1's Best Week Ever) have taken the simple premise of audience members' MySpace profiles and created an... Read More

  • LA WEEKLY's PICK OF THE WEEK:<br>F'ed Up & Illegal Videos

    LA Weekly March 3-9, 2006F'ed Up &amp; Illegal Videos: GO  by Anthony D'Alessandro A 10-year-old boy struts his fetish for Adolf Hitler and tongue twisters. A Japanese woman gives new meaning to the phrase "smells like fish" by demonstrating the storage power of her orifice. A guy jumps out of his car only to be run over by it. This is one short-film festival you'll never, ever see at the American Cinematheque. Every month, Dr. Cocky Muther F'r (Matt Besser) and Mister Aidsnotfunny (Matt Walsh)... Read More

  • Neil & Paul: Growing Up Is Tough named LA Weekly "Pick of the Week"

    LA Weekly August 4-10, 2006<b> Neil & Paul: Growing Up Is Tough</b> <b>GO</b>by Anthony D'Alessandro

    Neil Campbell and Paul Rust are like those college geeks who would taunt the frat boys -- yucksters who'd stick a sleeping jock's hand in a bowl of warm water. Their latest sketch show, Growing Up Is Tough, takes a jab at bratty teenagers, the types who get turned loose too early in life, only to buckle from their newfound independence. However, it's not the bills that spoil the good times of watchin'... Read More

  • UCB Theatre named BEST OF LA by Los Angeles Magazine

    Los Angeles Magazine August 2006<b>The Best of LA: Improv</b>The pop consciousness always remembers when times were funnier – back when there was National Lampoon’s Lemmings, or Saturday Night Live and SCTV circa 1978, or Mr. Show.  Improv theaters and troupes suffer from the same disease, polishing alum lists like old trophies, but the UPRIGHT CITIZENS BRIGADE THEATRE attracts a crowd because the players are leaning over the edge right now, looking for what’s coming next.  Saturday night’s... Read More

  • OFFENSIVE FEST: June 26 - July 2

    In the spirit of Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce, Redd Foxx, Bill Hicks and Moms Mabley, taboos will be shattered, stomachs will be turned, beliefs will be challenged and laughter will ring out at Offensive Fest. Come join the fun when the UCB Theatre, home for all things comedy in LA, takes on all things offensive.Offensive Fest will feature some amazing one time only shows:<b>QUICK 'N' DIRTY MUSICALS</b>A collection of ten minute musicals with titles like "Internet Predator," "Girls Gone Wild,"... Read More


    ASSSSCAT is the Upright Citizens Brigade's improv juggernaut that has played to sold-out audiences and critical acclaim for over nine years, making it the longest-running show in UCB Theatre history. Revealed below are a couple snapshots taken in the green room before a performance of ASSSSCAT featuring guest monologist Bob Odenkirk. photos &copy; Scott AukermanSean Conroy&nbsp;Andy Secunda, Bob Odenkirk&nbsp;Amy PoehlerJason Sudeikis, Amy PoehlerWill ArnettMatt WalshJason Sudeikis, Matt WalshAndy Daly,... Read More

  • "If you haven't seen ASSSSCAT, you haven't seen live comedy."

     <b>RECENT ASSSSCAT PRESS</b>"If you haven't seen ASSSSCAT, you haven't seen live comedy. The group's improvisers regularly spin a one-word suggestion into an hour and a half of unscripted, balls-to-the-wall genius. While most improv has its spotty moments, these shows are as consistently perfect as can be." -Flavorpill, March 21-27, 2006"Some of the funniest, sickest, most radical comedy in L.A.&nbsp; Reserve tickets and get there early.&nbsp; Once the cult-like audience finds out who is performing, it... Read More

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