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Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre has affordable, comedy shows seven nights a week in NYC and LA. Watch the best improv, sketch and standup in the country. Our original comedy video productions have garnered the national spotlight. We also run the first nationally accredited improv and sketch comedy school in the country. For information on our courses, visit the Training Center.

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  • The Get Go featured on Jezebel

    Jezebel November 4, 2011
    The Sexiest Girls-Only Picnic Of All Time
    by Whitney Jefferson

    This video by all-girl comedy troupe The Get Go does its best to disprove the "sexy fantasies" and food fights that seem to only exist in the imaginations of stereotypical men in movies. Then again, such food-related accidents like potato salad on the tummy, salsa on the crotch, baked beans in the hair, and a case of hummus butt happen all of the time — maybe just not in succession, with five... Read More

  • The Midnight Show profiled on Attack of the Show

    G4tv.com October 31, 2011
    The Midnight Show Crowned New Kings Of Dot Comedy
    by Attack of the Show

    Meet The Midnight Show, the latest sketch comedy group to win the title of Kings of Dot Comedy. With hilarious videos like 'School of French Kissing Dogs' and 'Drive Recklessly, these comedians are set to take over web comedy as we know it.

    (source) Read More

  • Ronna and Beverly reviewed by Examiner

    Examiner October 1, 2011
    Comedians Ronna and Beverly Interview Celebrities Ellen Page and Alan Tudyk
    words and photo by Liz Kelly

    In a sold out show at the Upright Citizens Brigade in LA last night, comedians Ronna and Beverly interviewed Ellen Page (Inception, Juno) and Alan Tudyk (Suburgatory, Batman) with their quick wit style that leaves audiences laughing both offline and online in their podcasts. Ronna and Beverly are America's favorite fifty-something Jewish mothers comedy... Read More

  • The Realest Real Housewives returns to LA

    Examiner August 11, 2011
    Casey Wilson's "The Realest Real Housewives" to return to L.A.!
    by Danielle Turchiano

    There's big news for Happy Endings' Casey Wilson come September! Not only is the actress getting to play opposite comedy royalty Megan Mullally who was cast as her mom but she'll also have a "hilarity ensues" storyline all her own when her character of Penny moves in with Elisha Cuthbert's Alex. Judging from their antics while having "girls' nights" last season, these... Read More

  • Cagematch featured in LA Weekly

    LA Weekly July 7, 2011
    <b>Let's Get Ready to Improv!</b>
    by Steve La

    Though improv is generally about love and support, Cagematch is all about improv teams battling each other in a knock-down, drag-out fight of comedic scene work. It's hosted by the dynamic Harrison Brown, whose hilarious show intro played to Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher" displays an impressive feat of aerobic, high-five, cartwheeling delirium that gets the crowd pumped for some improv action. Be warned: There is a good... Read More

  • USC reviews Facebook

    Neon Tommy February 28, 2011
    <b>Facebook Turns Funny At The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre</b>
    by Natalie Tkalcevic

    With all the hype of Facebook, it was only a matter of time before someone took it to a new comedic level.

    The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre does exactly that every Wednesday night, turning Facebook into a fully improvised comedy show. Starring Owen Burke, Chad Carter, Rob Huebel, Seth Morris and Paul Scheer, this event get everyone laughing so hard that tears are a... Read More

  • LA Weekly reviews The Realest Real Housewives

    LA Weekly January 28, 2011
    The Realest Real Housewives at UCB: A Celebration of the Best Show Ever + Paul Scheer!</b>
    by Ali Trachta

    Despite that it conflicted with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show, diehard fans of the series (or at least diehard fans of hilarious women) turned out to see The Realest Real Housewives at the Upright Citizens Brigade last night - a reenactment roundup of the greatest catfight drama scenes in franchise history.

    The cast was really a... Read More

  • What's Going On? with Mike Mitchell featured in LA Weekly

    LA Weekly August 25, 2010
    <b>'What's Going On? With Mike Mitchell': Late Night Show Brings Laughs and Charm to Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre</b>
    by Steve La
    photos by Steve La

    It's close to midnight on Saturday as an army of comedy fanatics amass in front of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Hollywood. They're all eager to see the evening talk show What's Going On? With Mike Mitchell. The program has attracted a huge following and usually sells out quickly.

    The premise is... Read More

  • What's Going On? with Mike Mitchell profiled in LAist

    LAist June 17, 2010
    <b>What's Going On? With Mike Mitchell</b>
    by Farley Elliott

    In the entertainment industry, everything is about "being prepared". People have to look the part, know their lines, keep a script in their back pocket, and produce business cards like ninja stars with a flick of the wrist. Indeed, that great scientific milkman Louis Pasteur himself is quoted as saying "chance favors the prepared mind". So then what exactly is going on with Mike Mitchell? "Nothing much", if... Read More

  • LA Weekly calls Death by Roo Roo "some of the funniest and raunchiest improv in town"

    Death by Roo Roo perform some of the raunchiest and funniest improv in town. Read More

  • pre-order "A Night of 140 Tweets" to benefit the Haitian School Initiative

    Are you a fan of Ashton Kutcher, Will Ferrell, or Ben Stiller? Do you want to help Haiti? A Night of 140 Tweets: A Celebrity Tweetathon for Haiti is the world's first live tweet stream, featuring 140 celebrities reading their favorite tweets. Sponsored by Funny or Die, Stillerstrong.org, and The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, 100% of the proceeds go to Artists For Peace and Justice to benefit the Haitian School Initiative. Pre-order the DVD or the digital video exclusively from... Read More

  • spend New Year's Eve afternoon with the kids

    "The Not Inappropriate show," an irreverent collection of silly and snarky comedy sketches fit for ages 6 and up, also has a family-friendly curtain time of 4 p.m. Read More

  • LA Weekly names Last Day of School & Convoy "Best Hour of Actually Funny Improv Comedy"

    LA Weekly October 1, 2009
    <b>Best of Los Angeles</b>
    By LA Weekly staff

    Life doesn’t get any better than this, at least not in L.A. You hold in your hands the best our city has to offer in food, drink, entertainment, nightlife, recreation and shopping — with a bunch of simply fascinating places thrown in (don’t miss "Best Use of Beeswax in a Pastry"). This annual Best of L.A. issue has more places than ever, more than 300 in all. In keeping with these tough economic times, we’re... Read More

  • Garfunkel & Oates on CNN

    Reserve tickets for Garfunkel & Oates Read More

  • LA Weekly Comedy Pick: Molly Prather in F**k, Marry, Kill

    LA Weekly May 16, 2009
    <b>Molly Prather -- That Girl Gets Raunchy!</b>
    by Libby Molyneaux

    The bartending comedian performs Fuck, Marry, Kill at Upright Citizens Brigade

    Molly Prather recently brought us her one-woman show That Girl, not to be confused with the Marlo Thomas series of the late '60s (she's probably too young to remember it, anyway). Now she's back with Fuck, Marry, Kill, "a collection of unfortunately true stories that will make you feel better about all your crazy... Read More

  • New York Comedy Festival Presents The Web Video Cram-Off

    On November 5th, the UCB Theatre New York will host "The Web Video Cram-Off" as part of the 2008 New York Comedy Festival. Contestants will be given a one-word suggestion and asked to create an original three minute video based on it. We’ll pick our favorite submissions to be screened and voted on at the show.<B>
    How It Works</B>You will have one week to write, shoot and edit a video based on a one-word suggestion provided by UCBCOMEDY.COM and the NY Comedy Festival. Selected videos will debut... Read More

  • Tournament of Nerds featured in LA Times

    (L-R) Justin Donaldson, Linda Pine and Hal Rudnick, co-producers of Tournament of Nerds, show off a few of their favorite superheroes in front of Meltdown Comics & Collectibles. The tournament features comic book fans debating the merits of various superheroes in a bracket-style competition.

    Los Angeles Times July 3, 2008
    <b>Tournament of Nerds at Meltdown and UCB Theatre</b>story by Elina Shatkin, Times Staff Writerphoto by Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times

    Wolverine's adamantium claws... Read More

  • Freak Dance, LA Weekly's Theatre Pick


    Much of the propulsion in Matt Besser's dance confection comes from the great breakdance interludes by the Bad Newz Bearz crew (Joel Lara, Jose D. Martinez, Ernie Rodriguez, Isaac Lara and Jesus Corla). The rest derives from Besser's comic-book satire of self-righteous programs claiming to use the arts to get kids off drugs. Our hero, Funky Bunch (Michael Cassady), sports a DARE T-shirt and tries to rally a clan of inner-city youth... Read More

  • Petition for Jimmy Pardo to host TV's new Match Game

    With Fremantle Media announcing the development of a new breed of "Match Game," an online petition has been launched for Jimmy Pardo to be considered as the show's host.

    Sign the petition: Jimmy Pardo for host of Fremantle's "Match Game"

    Jimmy Pardo hosts a stage version of "Match Game" twice monthly at UCBTLA and has gained a rabid following.  The next performances are Friday, February 8 at 9:30pm and Saturday, February 9 at 10pm.

    <b>Match Game</b>
    Friday, February 8 at 9:30pm... Read More

  • LA Weekly recaps "Office Night" at UCBTLA with photos

    B.J. Novak's future press photoLA Weekly December 19, 2007<b>Office Night, Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, 12/18</b>review and photos by Nicole Campos (source)What nuggets of Dunder Mifflin-esque hilarity would ensue as cast members and writers of The Office stormed an extremely yuletidy stage (inherited from the evening's previous show) at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre? There seemed to be some confusion on the part of those I talked to earlier in the day, who seemingly assumed tonight's... Read More

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