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Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre has affordable, comedy shows seven nights a week in NYC and LA. Watch the best improv, sketch and standup in the country. Our original comedy video productions have garnered the national spotlight. We also run the first nationally accredited improv and sketch comedy school in the country. For information on our courses, visit the Training Center.

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  • Ali Fedotowsky tries her hand at improv for LXTV

    The Upright Citizens Brigade is at the forefront of improv in the United States. If you have comedy in your blood, you can come and learn the craft of improv for some of comedy's leading talents. Ali tries to keep a straight face and try her hand at thinking on the spot! Read More

  • Back Stage readers vote UCB "Favorite Improv Training Center"

    As a Back Stage reader, your opinion counts. Every year since 2006, we've asked you to pick your favorite headshot photographers, acting teachers, rehearsal spaces, and other providers of actors' services. Once again, you responded and made your voice heard. Read More

  • Kyra Sedgwick reveals she is taking improv classes at UCBTLA "because it scares the crap out of [her]"

    On the Set: Secrets of The Closer Finale Read More

  • Elle Magazine stories UCB improv classes

    Such acolytes of improv comedy as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will tell you it fosters spiritual clarity, creative brilliance, and world peace. Rachael Combe goes deep and gives her subconscious a surprising makeover. Read More

  • Back Stage Readers' Choice Awards names UCB Training Center 'Favorite Improv Class'

    Back Stage June 29, 2011
    <b>Favorite Improv Class/Teacher (Los Angeles): Upright Citizens Brigade</b>
    by Back Stage staff

    Upright Citizens Brigade was already well-established in New York City when the company opened a theater on Franklin Avenue in Los Angeles in 2005. The new location quickly established itself as a great place to see improv and sketch every night of the week at extremely reasonable rates. And before long, the UCB Training Center also became a popular place for comedy... Read More

  • LA Weekly names UCB classes "Best Lessons in Hilarity"

    LA Weekly October 7, 2010
    <b>Best of L.A. 2010</b>
    by LA Weekly Staff

    Forget what dastardly outsiders say about Los Angeles, our fair city has a rich and cherished history. This year's Best of L.A. is proof of that. The L.A. Weekly's listings of the best spots for food, drink, shopping, nightlife, recreation and so on include scores and scores of places rich with history dating to the 19th century. So go have a Mary Pickford at the Tam O'Shanter and relive the Roaring Twenties. Have a... Read More

  • UCB Training Center featured in Los Angeles Magazine

    Los Angeles Magazine December 2009
    Get Me Outta Here!
    by Michael Mullen

    An eighth-grade wiseass, now grown up (if that's possible), goes to improv school at the Upright Citizens Brigade and discovers a sobering truth: being funny is not as easy as it looks

    You’re onstage, the lights are blinding, and you don’t have a script. There’s no director. You’re not a trained actor, and the rest of the cast is just as shaky as you are. The stage is as vast as the... Read More

  • Justin Timberlake on UCB

    "If I wouldn't have been lucky enough to already have the profession that I have, I probably would have tried to go through Upright Citizens Brigade and tried to become a cast member on SNL." -Justin Timberlake Read More

  • HOT CLASSES: Los Angeles Confidential takes you "inside LA's most prestigious improv studios"

    In LA, everyone's pretty and everyone has a smidgeon of talent to capitalize on.  We sat in on the town's top improv classes to see how some rising stars get a leg up. Read More

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