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Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre has affordable, comedy shows seven nights a week in NYC and LA. Watch the best improv, sketch and standup in the country. Our original comedy video productions have garnered the national spotlight. We also run the first nationally accredited improv and sketch comedy school in the country. For information on our courses, visit the Training Center.

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Tonight's Schedule
Fri October 24, 2014
Tonight's Schedule
Fri October 24, 2014
Tonight's Schedule
Fri October 24, 2014
Today's Highlight
  • 4:30pm $5 Harold Matinee OUTSIDE DOG/CARDINAL REDBIRD
    *Free to UCB LA students w/ ID

    You watch a Harold to see long-form improvisational comedy, and the Harold Matinee is where UCBT's house teams come to stretch their legs and get a little crazy -- it's a true afternoon delight.

    This performance is sold out. There will be a stand-by line for this show.
  • 5:30pm Free Long Hard Improv Jam

    The Jam is the show where YOU get to be on stage. Jump up and try some long form improv with veterans, students, teachers, newbies, crazies, and people from every walk of life you can imagine.

    This performance does not accept reservations.
  • 7:00pm $5 Brand New Ball

    Brand new improv from Brand New Ball.

  • 8:00pm $10 Ronna & Beverly with Paul Feig & Eddie Pepitone

    The Chosen People choose to make you laugh.

    This performance is sold out. There will be a stand-by line for this show.
  • 9:30pm $10 Soundtrack & Your F'ed Up Family

    Soundtrack performs improvised comedy based on your music collection. Bring your iPods and be part of the show!

    Did your Dad try to kill your Mom's boyfriend?  Did your sister start a fire on Thanksgiving? Let us take what caused your family pain and turn it into a night of hilarious improv comedy for all to enjoy.

    This performance is sold out. There will be a stand-by line for this show.
  • 11:00pm $5 White Women presents: Reunion BOOM Chicago Alumni Reunion!

    White Women is bringing together the best classic improv teams!

    This performance is sold out. There will be a stand-by line for this show.
  • Midnight Free Not Too Shabby

    Comedians from the UCB sketch community try out new bits with reckless abandon.

    This performance does not accept reservations.
  • 7:30pm $10 Christian Capozzoli: Nutso Facto & Stone Cold Fox Goes to the Mall

    Characters more squirrelly than a pillowcase shoved full of chipmunks hopped up on enough Red Bull to kill a baby cow.

    Share an Orange Julius and shoplift a Spencer's Gift's novelty penis with UCBT sketch team Stone Cold Fox

  • 9:00pm $10 THE STEPFATHERS

    Join seven of New York's top longform improvisors as they get together to take you on a tour of everything that's both cute and brutal.

  • 10:30pm $10 THE LAW FIRM: Law and Disorder

    Wanna laugh so hard you crap yourself?  Join seven of America's top improvisers for a night of criminally insane comedy.

  • Midnight $5 Dr DJ Presents: Oh You Know There Will Be Blood

    We know what you want. You want blood, despair and RAW, HARD COMEDY because THIS IS THE FUTURE AND WE ARE ALL FREAKS. We've locked four contestants in a room for your enjoyment for ONE NIGHT ONLY. If they survive the night, they win a million dollars.

  • 6:00pm $5 New Team Harold

    Catch them now before they become big stars. Students currently enrolled in Advanced Study classes at the UCB Training Center perform the "Harold" for your enjoyment.

  • 7:30pm $10 BUCKY: Here and Now

    One scene. One location. One show that has never been and will never be performed again. In this fully-improvised show, watch as UCB house team Bucky creates an entire show in a single, continuous scene. The audience will be moved. The location won't.

  • 9:00pm $10 TAKE IT PERSONAL: The Hip Hop Improv Show

    DJ Cipha Sounds from Hot 97fm and Chappelle's Show has uncovered  the ancient connection between Hip Hop and Improv.

  • 10:30pm $10 GENTRIFY w/ Drew Michael (Montreal JFL), Adam Cole (Chicago JFL), Joe Kwaczala (The Late Live Show), and more!

    GENTRIFY is a weekly variety show that brings comedy's hottest stand up, improv and sketch groups to the part of the city where no one would ever dare go: The East Village.

  • Midnight $5 Cool Shit / Weird Shit OCTOBER'S SHOW: SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK

    NYC's best comedians and artists present never before seen material that is cool weird.